The Branded Good(s) is an initiative created by Lianne Charlene Creative - a Canadian Graphic Design studio specializing in branding, print & digital design and illustration.

It all started with our first campaign in the midst of a global health pandemic. Businesses struggled and there was a new normal. It was then that we decided we could use our skills for good by designing products to raise money for Covid-19 relief. (Read more about the campaign at Before we knew it, this tiny little project turned into a larger initiative and we realized we could affect social change with our skillset.Our main goal is to provide quality designed apparel to raise money for charitable causes. With every campaign or collaboration, 100% of net profits is donated to the greater good. Today, we run a few of campaigns a year for causes we’re passionate about. We also collaborate with other organizations to raise money for their own initiatives. Ultimately, we want to show how design can make a difference to impact our world for the better.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” — Robert L. Peters

How Our Campaigns Work

  • 1. Getting Started

    Our campaign process begins with choosing a cause and a charity/organization to support. Some campaigns are launched in collaboration with passionate community members and others are launched directly with a charitable organization.
  • 2. Design Process

    Once we’ve sorted out the primary goal and the cause we’d like to support, we begin designing the collection. This involves a brainstorming session with your team so we can ensure we’re on the same page. We will also discuss your organizations’ branding and how it should be reflected in the collection. We then collaborate on the selection of garments and accessories and build out a collection we’re all happy with. When the collection is ready to print, we send it off to our trade or local vendors to be produced.
  • 3. Launch & Promotion

    When the products are ready to sell, we put together a carefully planned launch and promotional campaign. This involves photographing the collection, updating our online shop and social media channels and putting together a social media launch plan for the collection. At this point we also work out the logistics of fulfilling and shipping orders and how the donations are made.

Promoting Your Campaign

Social Media Participation

When we’re ready to launch, we need to spread the word. This can be done by planning out our social media campaign to showcase the products. We can start with a teaser campaign to draw attention to the collection. Once launched, we can showcase the new collection, tell the story behind the campaign and the reason for the partnership. The campaign is more successful when both parties actively engage in promoting the campaign.

Influencers & Models

It always helps to have recognizable people from our community to model and showcase the collection. The models and community members should reflect the people you are supporting with the campaign. The campaign is most successful when they also promote the collection via social posts, shares, and blog posts.

Blog Profiles

Another way to support the cause is by featuring stories or community member profiles that relate directly to the cause. The stories are then posted on your/our blog as a way to create a sense of community surrounding the initiative.